personWes A. Jordan
  • location_cityNewport News / Blacksburg, VA
  • schoolVirginia Tech (2015 - pres)
  • contact_mail wes AT [this domain]
  • thing342 @ GitHub

Computer Science Major and Software Developer

I am currently a Computer Science Major at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, with a planned graduation date of Spring 2019. I am currently available for internship / work experience opportunities for the summer of 2017. I have extensive experience with numerous programming languages and frameworks.

I work as a software intern at MITRE, inc. in Hampton, VA. This past summer I worked on a mobile app vetting system that runs Android applications in a test envionment and hooks into the OS and Linux kernel to log potential malicious behaviour. The test suite could be run on both physical devices (using a modified kernel image) and virtualized devices (Android emulators hosted on an OpenStack server).

Previously, I worked as a Junior Developer for Q-Free Open Roads in the summer of 2016. While there, I worked on a data transfer system that communicated information on traffic incidents from individual 911 centers to a statewide traffic monitoring system. As part of this, I reconfigured the main Java EE data clearinghouse in order to migrate it from JBoss version 5 to Wildfly, in order to take advantage of its numerous security improvements. I also wrote software that would comb through 911 incident databases and use that information in order to report traffic incidents to the main system.

In a addition to coursework, I do a large number of side projects (including this site), which you can find here.